“Serjio Sarkuni has been my lab technician for the past year. Serjio is a skilled lab technician that not only works diligently to meet deadlines but takes pride in his work. He uses his artistic vision and knowledge to fabricate dental prosthesis that are loved by both the patient and the dentist."
Dr. PENDRAM BINA D.D.S., Los Angeles CA

“Acetech Dental Lab is the best for removable prosthesis I have
experienced. No adjustments. No hassle. A perfect fit all the time … beautiful natural looking dentures..."
--- Dr. Gary Melidonian D.D.S., Glendale CA

"My experience with Serjio at Acetech Dental Lab? Beautiful, awesome, dentures, overdentures,
and partial dentures..."

--- Dr. Marcel Obrosi D.D.S., Pasadena CA

"I have worked with several labs. Acetech Dental Lab is the leader in removable prosthesis. Fast and precision work is Serjio's priority always."
--- Dr. Yakov Berent D.D.S., Palmdale CA

"Serjio has worked with me to cut my chair time…awesome results! Beautiful smile results from Acetech..."
--- Dr. Sachin Desai D.D.S., Glendora CA